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The Concrete Pool Building Process 

Pool Construction Process
The idea of constructing a Concrete Pool in your own backyard can be quite daunting.  We believe knowledge is power and we are here to help and inform you through the process. 


For your convenience the initial consultation can take place in the comfort of your own home.

At the consultation you will meet our dedicated Project Manager, who will be with you from concept to completion. 

Your Project Manager will oversee all aspects of your new Concrete Pool.

We will work closely with you to define your requirements and develop a concept that will fit your home, your landscape and your lifestyle. 


Work will start and the excitement will begin as ground is broken on your new Concrete Pool.  The excavated sand will be removed and taken away to the nearest Dumping site.



Formwork is placed and reinforced steel is tied according to the Engineers specifications.  The concrete is then poured and the structural aspect of your pool is completed .  
Backfilling and compacting of the surrounding area will now be completed Paving,plumbing and electrical services will be run to the filtration position.



Your pump, filter, chlorinator and any other accessories are now installed at the pre-determined filtration area.  The Swimming Pool Guru only use quality filtration equipment. Ensuring you have the most efficient and cost effective system that will keep your pool sparkling clean and save for your family.  If your filtration area demands it, The Swimming Pool Guru can assist with filtration enclosure, pits, etc.


Pool finishing

As your new Concrete Pool nears completion the finishing touches are added.  Your chosen Paving,Coppings and mosaics is installed by our experienced Pool Tiler. 

Once all other finishes are complete and the pool area is secure, the interior finish is applied and your pool is filled with water the following day.


Pool Complete

Now that the pool is full of water a qualified pool technician will commission the pool equipment, clean the pool and chemically balance the water.  We  will then meet you to provide instruction on the operation and maintenance of your Pool and ensure your satisfaction before completing the final sign off. 

Finished Product

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