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Pool Lights Gauteng

Pool Lighting

The latest LED pool lights are recessed into the concrete wall to provide a flush mounted light lens.
Flush mounted lights are less likely to be used as a foot hold to help get out of the pool. The light is encased in a plastic canister that if set into the concrete at concrete pouring stage.

The light fitting is installed after the pool has been plastered and is one of the last jobs in the construction schedule.LED pool lights

A range of coloured edge trims are available to enhance the appearance.

The light cable is placed in an electrical conduit at the back of the LED pool lights  canister and the other end is located at the filtration position or an alternative location to suit the client’s light switch position.

LED Light range

Led pool lights

  • The  LED lights and are low voltage plus very well proven as a reliable and strong underwater light.
  • The LED pool lights  are availble in clear, blue and Multi colour.
  • Multi colour lights change colour with the aid of a hand set or can be set to change colour automatically.
  • A 12 volt transformer is located at the power supply to reduce the voltage.
  • Transformers are available for single or double light fittings.
  • There are many brands of lights available and clients can research the internet to gain almost too much information.
  • A simple formula is one light per 30m2 pool area but there is no limit except for the client’s budget.
  • An LED light and transformer supplied and installed costs approximately R2500 retail.

Pool Light location

  • The lights are bright so it is customary to have the light facing away from entertainment areas.
  • Lap swimming is uncomfortable if you are swimming toward a spot light it is best to locate the lights on the side of the lap pool wall.
  • It is a safety measure to have step areas and ledges well lit to show easy pool access.

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