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Pool Construction Process

This feature lap pool was built before the home, sitting under the residence. The dark pool colour contrasts the residence, making it pop out visually.

A water feature wall was placed central to the pool, used also as a screening for the steps behind it. Natural stone paving and greenery around the pool softened the overall view.

Silver Lakes Golf Estate

Lap Swimming Pools

A lap pool is a great choice when land is narrow or limited. Not only do lap pools provide contemporary styling to your backyard, but they also provide families with a place to keep healthy. For narrow lots, they also serve as a great focal point for the garden, especially when viewed from the house.

As residential stands have become smaller and smaller, lap pools have gained in popularity. Building, maintaining, and heating a lap pool is like any other pool, although this type can be used like a swim-in-place pool if it is equipped with a machine that creates a strong artificial current. This allows a swimmer to swim against a continuous flow of water without moving forward or needing to turn at the ends of the pool, which is a great fitness option for your Backyard.

Why Build your pool The Swimming Pool Guru ?

Over the last years we have perfected the art of lap pools. Regardless of your space we can create an aesthetically pleasing and fully functional lap pool in your Gauteng home, keeping as much of your open space free for other recreational activities or gardening.

Our lap pools are fully customisable, we are able to integrate steps, ledges, shallow play areas and a hot water spa into our lap pool designs. Get in touch with us to discuss your space, and requirements obligation free.

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By taking pride in the work produced and making sure every detail is perfect, The Pretoria Swimming Pool Guru offers the best in quality and design.Every dream is different – so is every backyard – don’t worry, we account for both.

We do all shapes and sizes of Swimming Pool all over Gauteng 

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