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Therapy Pools/ Pools with Jets

There’s a reason most people like to go to the beach in summer, put simply swimming and other water sports are fun!

The light-hearted atmosphere that water promotes is vital to the healing process, especially because it’s easy to get discouraged when exercises can be hard or painful to perform out of the water.

The Swimming Pool Guru can provide you with a pool with electric heating and swim jets. The warmth of our therapy pools promotes circulation and increased blood flow to the limbs which helps promote healing.
Having your very own therapy pool at home makes recovery/exercise convenient at any time.

A therapy pool or a pool with swim jets from The Swimming Pool Guru
Swimming Pool Guru will help in providing you with respite from your stiffness or pain. To find the right therapy pool for you and your requirements give the experts a call at The Swimming Pool Guru

Why Build your pool The Swimming Pool Guru ?

With years of experience and knowledge that The Swimming Pool Guru have, we can make your therapy pool a reality. Installation of the pool will be hassle free to ensure that your recovery can get started as soon as possible. With several customisation options available we will build the right pool, tailored to your specific recovery needs.

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