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The most important thing about purchasing a pool heating is determining the correct size for your above ground pool.Determining the correct size will save you money as a pool heater with the correct amount of BTUs will limit the overall run time and reduce your electric bill throughout the season.
More importantly, throughout the colder months when you would like to use your heater the most, you will shorten the overall heat time of your pool and in turn also limit the amounts of electricity required to run the unit.

These pool heating heat pumps are designed to make you get the most enjoyment from your pool. With pool tempretures programmable up to 40°C you can swim all year around.

These heat pumps are compact, quiet and very simple to install. It will provide you with many years of trouble free pool heating.

How big does the heat pump for my pool have to be?

If you use your heat pump directly through your filter system, you should adjust the kW output to be slightly higher for lower run times but as an example here is a guide.

The heat pump should be able to heat the water by approx. 0.20 – 0.25 degrees per hour. It takes 1.16 Wh to heat one litre of water one degree, which means 11.6 kWh for a 10m³ pool. In other words, one kilowatt hour heats 862 litre of water by one degree Celsius. 

The following table shows how the heat pump is best esigned:

Choosing the right pool heat pump for your pool size?

The performance data is based on the following calculation basis

       C x VX (T2 – T1) 

P = ————————- 


P Performance of swimming pool heat pump

C heat storage coefficient of water = 1,163 *

V Pool volume

T2 Set temperature

T1 Start temperature

H Heat up time

The maximum heating time should be 4 hours per 1 ° C water temperature. This is calculated by the heat loss during the night being up to 2°C meaning it would take 8 hours to heat up to full temperature maintaining a constant temp throughout the season.


Say you have a swimming pool with 40m³ of water and an initial temperature of 18 ° C.

You want to heat the water to 28 ° C. The maximum heating time should be 4 hours per 1 ° C water temperature. Consequently, it takes 40 hours to heat up your 40m³ pool by 10 ° C.

This results in the following formula:

     1,163 x 40 x (28 – 18) 

P = ———————— = 11.62kW 


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